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Whatever you do, don't stop believing!!

Greetings all,

In case you might not know, I have just booked the role of Mohawk in the TV series Gotham. The reason why I wish to reach out to you with this information is to say 'Never give up, never stop and never stop believing in yourself"!! I never could have believed in the things that have happened to me this past year. From my stunt doubling in the feature film Tower of Silence, to getting my SAG card to now having booked a Co-Starring role in the TV Series Gotham, I had always believed these things beyond me. OK I dreamt about them but never though them possible. But if I am nothing else, I am proof that your dreams are out there, all you have to do is chase them down. You never know what tomorrow can bring. Look forward to it, celebrate it and when it does come, know that it is because you deserve it and you are ready for it. And once there, enjoy the ride!! This is only the beginning!!

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