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Stage Combat Teaching CV

SAFD Certified Teacher


9 years Teaching Stage Combat in Academia and Conservatories

19 years Teaching Experience

16 years as a Professional Fight Director, Fight Choreographer and Combatant

Over 25 years as a Martial Arts Practitioner



MFA Acting, Brooklyn College (2008)

BA Education, St. Joseph's College (1997)

SAFD Advanced Actor Combatant since 2011

SAFD Actor Combatant since 2009


Certifications and Memberships:

NY State Board of Education Teaching Certification

NYC Board of Education Teaching Certification

CPR/AED/First Aid Certification ('15)

         -Michael Johnson: For the Stage Combat Professional

ISSA Elite Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Performance Nutrition Certification

ISSA Fitness Therapy Certification

NESTA MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification

AFV Group Aerobics Instructor (Kickboxing/Step) Certification

Dragon Society Member

HEMA Member


Stage Combat Teaching Experience:



Brooklyn College BFA Acting Program

  • Stage Combat for the Actor/The Art of Physical Narrative

  • Combative Acting (Spring 2009)

  • Intro: Unarmed and Single Sword (Fall '09 & '10)

  • Night at the Fights ('Stage Combat for the Actor' Class Showcase / Fundraiser for 3rd Year BFA Showcase)



Brooklyn College Fight Team

  • SAFD SPT Workshop



Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory

  • Stage Combat for the Actor



Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

  • Substitute Teacher

    • Unarmed

    • Single Sword

    • Rapier/Dagger

    • Quarterstaff

    • Broadsword

  • Elective Classes

    • Working with a Fight Director

    • Battle Night



Acting Out! Brooklyn's Premier Acting School

  • Stage Combat

  • Swashbuckling


Additional Teaching Experience:



Brooklyn College

     Stage Movement and the Art of Physical Storytelling



Acting Out! Brooklyn's Premier Acting School

  • Intro to Acting

  • Advanced Acting

  • Improvisation

  • Audition Technique

  • Substitute Instructor



St. Simon and Jude School

  • Tae Kwon Do Class Instructor



NY State Board of Education

     Classroom Teacher:

          1999: Permanent Sub

               Class Coverage:

                    Grades 1-4

                    Special Ed Grades 1 and 4



          2000: Classroom Teacher 1st Grade 

          2001: Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade

          2002: Classroom Teacher 1st Grade (Special Ed)



NY State Board of Education

  • Substitute Teacher: Grades 1-8, Music, Art



NYC Board of Education

  • Substitute Teacher: Grades 1-4, Music, Art


Stage Combat Workshop Teaching Experience:



NYU Alumni Lecture Series: Meron Langster

  • The Art of Physical Narrative vs. The Truth of Physical Violence



Camp Broadway

  • Intro: Stage Combat


Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts:Teen Drama Day Camp

  • Intro: Stage Combat



Tom Todoroff Conservatory Summer Intensive

  • Contemporary Stage Violence

  • Stage Combat 101


2007, 2009, 2011

St. Joseph's College BA Acting Program

  • Intro: Stage Combat



Park Slope Creative Arts Camp

  • Intro: Stage Combat


Workshop Teaching Experience:



St. Joseph's College Martial Arts Club

  • The Art of Striking vs. Grappling

  • The Tradition of Martial Arts vs. The Sport of Martial Arts


Teaching Assistant Experience:




  • Class assistant to Joe Travers and Nathan Decoux on SAFD Skills Proficiency Tests and Workshops

  • Class coverage

  • SPT Peer Tutoring


Columbia University MFA Acting Program

  • Assistant to Joe Travers

    • Unarmed

    • Single Sword

    • Knife


July 2014

SAFD 35th Anniversary Skills Proficiency Test

  • Class assistant to Joe Travers, Nathan Decoux, Ricki Ravitts

  • Videographer and Choreography Archivist


Administrative Experience:



Brooklyn College BFA Acting Program

  • 3rd Year BFA Showcase Advisory Board

  • 3rd Year BFA Showcase Movement Consultant

  • 3rd Year BFA Showcase Scene Director

  • BFA Program Admittance Counsel




  • Advisory Council


Counseling/Supervising/Advisor Experience:



Brooklyn College

  • BFA Teaching Assistant Training Program



St. Mary Mother of Jesus

  • Day Camp Supervisor (Ages 13+)

  • Day Camp Counselor (Ages 3-5)

  • Youth Ministry Spiritual Advisor/Guidance Counselor/Mentor

Personal Trainer Experience:



Tai Chi Chuan

  • Private/Class Instruction




  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Program Director



Paris Health Club

  • Personal Trainer

  • Tai Chi Chuan Class Instructor

  • Trident Training System Creator/Class Instructor


Stage Combat Training/Certifications/Workshops:


SAFD Recommended Pass

  • Unarmed Combat 7/2014

  • Single Sword 5/2014

  • Small Sword 7/2014

  • Quarterstaff 7/2014

  • Knife 2/2014

  • Broadsword 7/2014

  • Sword and Shield 9/2014

  • Rapier and Dagger 7/2014


Stage Combat Workshops


     Summer Sling 2015 Teacher Assistant and Internship

          Teacher's Assistant:

               The Duel Small Sword (Tuftee)

               Contact Improv Choreographer's Track (Shaw)

               Lessons From the TCW (Brimmer/Shaw/McCoy)

               Group Choreography Choreographer's Track (Shaw)

               Introduction to Knife (Shaw)

               Knife (Rodriguez)

               The Final Frontier: Spacial Awareness (Ravitts)

               Anatomy of the Kill (Rodis)



               Drill Baby Drill Small Sword (Ravitts)

               Top Blade: Nailing the Fight Audition Rapier (Hastings/Hastings)

               The Perfect Parry (Fittkau)

               Contact Improv (Shaw)

               Playing the Wound (Brimmer)

               Choreo Track Wrap Up (Brimmer/Chin/Suddeth/Shaw/Male)


     LA Tech Stage Combat Workshop 2015

          Impolite Smallsword (Vaughn)

          Grappling for Stage Combat (Grenke)

          Fight Director's Forum (Armit)

          Escrima/Broadsword for Film (Mann)

          Medieval/Rondell Dagger (Grenke)

          German Longsword (Grenke)

          Scrappy Grappling (K.J. Jones)

          Advanced Quarterstaff (Vaughn)

          Martial Intent (Kelly)

          Precognition (Kelly)


  • MACE Winter Wonderland Workshop 2015

    • Full Body Knife (Anzaldua)

    • 2 vs 1 vs 2 (Burckhardt)

    • I Told you the Let the #&*% Go! (Yondorf)

    • Roll If You Want To! (Wright)

    • Blind Smallsword (McFarland)

    • Contact Hits (Burckhardt)

    • The Baronial Hall (Bellomo)

    • Beat Down! (Burckhardt)

    • One for All, One for All – Multiple Opponents Swashbuckling (Kunzler)

    • Wounds and Kills of Capo Ferro (Woolley)

    • Unarmed for Film (Ryan)

    • Sword and Shield vs Broadsword (Mann)

    • Stab Them Til They Stop Moving (Burckhardt)

    • Ugly Smallsword (Bonacasa)

    • MMA Techniques for Film (Johnson)

  • TCW Teaching Symposium 2014

    • Choreographic Logic: Rapier/Dagger (Ryan)

    • Unarmed (K.J. Jones)

    • Acting the Fight (Ryan)

    • Storytelling with Smallsword (Shaw)

    • Teaching Lecture (K.J. Jones)

    • Teaching Footwork/Drills (Ryan)

    • Knife Drills and Coreography (K.J. Jones)

    • Historical Styles and Weapons for the Theater (Ruben)

    • Teaching Techniques (Jones/Ryan)

  • Philly Cheesesteak Workshop 2014

    • Fighting and Stunt work for the Camera (Calendar)

    • Weapon Maintenance (Cordero)

    • Case of Rapier (Rose)

    • Mass Battle – Romeo and Juliet (Rose)

  • Summer Sling 2014

    • Slamming and Jammin': Intercepting Fight Rhythm (Johnson)

    • McBain Smallsword (Shaw)

    • Blood and Sweat: Unconventional Tech for the Two-Handed Longsword (Jones)

    • TCW Q&A (Brimmer/Male/Shaw)


Additional Stage Combat Classes and Workshops:

Under Joe Daly

  • Fencing

  • Advanced Fencing and Scene Study

  • Advanced Weaponry and Advanced Combat

Under Ian Marshall

  • Contemporary Stage Violence

  • Advanced Fighting and Stuntman Technique

Under Joe Travers

  • Fight Direction ('09)

  • Teaching Stage Combat

  • History of the Sword

  • Physical Reaction/Response Study

  • Point-work and Casting the Attack

  • The Art of the Fall

  • The Art of the Knap

  • Renaissance Spear

  • Fight Directing Part 1: The Choreography ('14)

           -Using Aristotle's The Poetics as a Guide


Under J. Allen Suddeth

      Fight Directing Part 2: Weapon Care and Maintenance


Stage Combat Weapon Specialization Classes:

Under Joe Travers

  • Sheleighly Stick Fighting

  • Swashbuckling Swordplay

  • Medieval Combat: Medieval Dagger, Long Sword vs. Quarterstaff, Halberd vs. Sword and Shield, Broadsword and Dagger

  • Mass Combat

  • Bound Duel

  • Gladius


Master Classes with J. Allan Suddeth

  • Rapier and Buckler

  • Sword and Shield

  • Swashbuckling Swordplay

  • Rapier and Cloak


Master Class with Ian Rose

     German Longsword


Acting Training:

MFA Acting Brooklyn College ('08)

HB Studios 2000-2005


  • Scene Study (Mary Beth Easley, Dorothy Dorff)

  • Realism and Chekhov (Marc Blum)

  • Shakespeare (Valerie Clayman Pye)

  • Improvisation (Rose Bonczek, Rasa Allan Kaslaz)


  • Chuck Jones Technique (Judylee Vivier)

  • Linklater Technique (Susan Patrick)

  • Fitzmaurice Technique (Francine Zerfas)

  • Musical Theater (Rob Larocca, Phyllis Grandy)

  • Voice and Shakespeare (Master Class with Andrew Wade)

On Camera

  • Acting and Audition Technique (Gary Cowling)


  • Diction and Dialects (Charlotte Fleck)


  • Lecoq (Adrienne Kapstein)

  • Butoh (Ian Wen)

  • Alexander Technique (Laura Smith)

  • Movement (Barry Estes)

  • Yoga, Chakras, and their Emotional Center

  • Suzuki


Martial Arts Training:

  • Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan)

  • Cooper Ryu Jujitsu (1st Dan)

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt)

  • Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style Long Form (Practitioner/Instructor)

  • Kali/Eskrima

  • Boxing/Kickboxing

  • Torite Jujitsu

  • DDP Yoga


Martial Arts Workshops:

Mission Martial Arts (led by Prof. Miller)

  • The Art of Pressure Point Fighting

  • The Power of No Mind

  • The Power of the Mind and Mental Focus

  • The Art of the Wave Form

  • To Solve the Puzzle of Kata/The Bunkai Key

  • The Spiritual/Physical Benefits of Meditation


Brooklyn Martial Arts Master Class

  • The Utilization of the Omaplata (Kyra Gracie)


SAFD Hours

Total SAFD Hours: 1,133.5

Total SAFD SPT Hours: 1078

(Hours transcript avail upon request)




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