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Production Videos:

Fight Direction and Choreography




The Evolution of Four and Twenty
from Gi60


This piece was has gone through some changes through the years. Working with a cast consisting of many of my students from Brooklyn College, 'Four and Twenty' a one minute version of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' in the style of '24', takes us on the journey of Jack Bauer gone Denmark. Here are the two live incarnations from Gi60 '10 and '14.











Gi60 '10

Want to learn more about Gi60?


Click here:



















Gi60 '14


Yetis Vs. Hunters

Sony Entertainment

This Yetis vs. Hunters video was created as a promotion for the video game's release on the SONY Playstation Home Network. The part where the Yeti spears me off of a snow bank made the cutting room floor but it was a fun project to work on nontheless..



TCW Application Choreography 2015

These videos were recorded at Ripley Grier Studios to showcase my combatant and choreography skills for my SAFD TCW '15 application. To the left is my Rapier and Dagger submission and below is the Unarmed submission.


My thanks to Nathan DeCoux for partnering me in the videos and Kyle for adding his cinamatographer skills behind the camera. The Choreography was written and arranged by me.

Not a submission but a window into the rehearsal process for my rapier/dagger video application above. I've included it to showcase the evolution from the beginning to the end of the process and to highlight a great kill. Sometimes video of happy accidents are worth keeping.

Another rehearsal video, this one for the above Unarmed submission with a great close up look at the choreography. Also a great look at a technique that I created called the Eu-Punch towards the very end of the video. The Eu-Punch, named after how the technique is executed, was designed to work in a space where the audience is close and set up in either a thrust or in the round setting. See if you can spot it.

The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud Private Eye

at the Chernuchin Theatre

The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud Private Eye is a project that I have been involved with since 2009. Written for a teen audience, Race is a super hero drama about a family that has an easier time saving the world than loving each other. And when the sole member of the family minus super hero powers takes center stage with his 'chosen one' niece, the hilarity ensues. Its a story about growth, self acceptance and video game pop culture. What more could you want? This is the first incarnation of the show from the Fringe Festival '09.



Fight Dir/Chor: Eugene Solfanelli

Green Suit Jacket Man: Eugene Solfanelli

Thug: Adam Mace

Helpless Girl: Kiley McDonald


Written and Directed by: Tom Hoefner


She Kills Monsters at York College


Here are a few rehearsal videos from a production of She Kills Monsters at

York College that I fight directed. Though not the final product, a window into

the creative process and means with which the fights for the show came into

fruition. My thanks to the great students at York and Jack and Giselle for all the fun, magic and monster killing that slayed the audience on a 'knightly' basis!! 








Fight Direction/Choreography by Eugene Solfanelli

Directed by Jessica Pecharsky

Weapons provided by Gotham Armory



Winter Wonderland Workshop 2015


This is a video from my Broadsword vs. Sword and Shield class from this year's Winter Wonderland Workshop in Chicago taught by Scott Mann. The class, which explored how to create fresh choreography where actors would respond alive and in the moment to set moves, concluded with a recording of the choreography created by each pairing. This was my pairing's results. Enjoy!!

Legacies at the BC One Act Festival

Here are some excerpts of the fight choreography from Meron Langsner's play Legacies at this year's BC One Act Festival. To the right is some choreography from the second scene from a fight call, while directly below is the movement montage from the end of the production. On the bottom right is Scene 2 in it's entirety from a crew run.

Shown here is the result of a long process of study and discovery which merged the stylization of Iado/Japanese Sword with the safety and storytelling of stage combat. My thanks to Nathan DeCoux for the Japanese Sword training and Kate DeCoux and Meron for allowing me the opportunity to fight direct the show. Visit the New York Budokai for more training in the wonderful art of Japanese Sword! Enjoy!


Written by Meron Langsner

Directed by Kate DeCoux

Fight Director: Eugene Solfanelli

Japanese Sword Consultant: Nathan DeCoux

Justina: Tina Wong Lu

Peter: Eugene Solfanelli


GI60 2015: Writing, Directing and Acting 

At GI60 2015 I had the honor and priveledge of writing, directing, performing and fight directing. The experience was one that I will never forget. To work with such an amazing company is an experience that I cherich every year.To me these stories are truly reflective of life itself. We are here one second and there the next.


From its original live stream to the GI60 channel on youtube, below are videos of my work. Enjoy!!

This Ball


Actor: Eugene Solfanelli


written by Eugene Solfanelli

Coat Dance


directed by Eugene Solfanelli

Rape Noir



Coner Sullivan, Heather Zoll, Eugene Solfanelli


directed/fight directed by Eugene Solfanelli



directed by Eugene Solfanelli



directed by Eugene Solfanelli



directed by Eugene Solfanelli

The Unexpected Cheese Party


directed by Eugene Solfanelli

The Drill


directed by Eugene Solfanelli

Listening Off Beat


Written by Eugene Solfanelli

A Reunion


Actors: Mickey Ryan and Eugene Solfanelli

Sympathy for the Devil


directed by Eugene Solfanelli

GI60 2014 10 years 10,000 Plays


Welcome Home


Actors: Jay Nickerson and Eugene Solfanelli

TCW 2016 Video Application


Here are the two videos for my 2016 TCW Application. Unarmed on the right and Rapier and Dagger below. My thanks to Kyle Knauf for all his help and pernership during this process!! Enjoy!!

Winter Wonderland 2016 in Chicago


Here are two videos from this year's Winter Wonderland. Deadly Smallsword on the right and Bound Duel below. Enjoy!!

Sword & Shield SPT 10/1/16

Here is the Choreography for my first SPT in Sword & Shield with Swordplay. Zac and Jack were two of my best students who both received recommended passes for their great work!! Enjoy!!

GI60 2016

International Play Festival

Directed By Eugene Solfanelli


If Heaven was a Bar
It's not what you Think
The Great Tribble Hunt

Written By Eugene Solfanelli

There be no Shelter here

Starring Eugene Solfanelli

The Bigfoot Sighting
Stains of Revolution
She Drinks Pepsi and he Loves Coca-Cola
Life is for the Living
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