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"Mr. Solfanelli designed a strong and clear structure to the class which included a wonderful blend of review, new concepts, and new ways of exploring familiar concepts... Most impressive was that Mr. Solfanelli continually related the movement work back to acting technique and its application to stage work. He's an excellent communicator, skilled at keeping the students focused on the task at hand, and is terrific with time management. I must also note that the students' joy in the work was palpable, and their commitment to strengthening their skills was obvious from the first moment. We are fortunate to have an adjunct lecturer of Mr. Solfanelli's caliber in the Department of Theater."


“Mr. Solfanelli did an exemplary job in this class, demonstrating his skills as a combat teacher and as an acting teacher. He instills rigorous discipline, teaches complex skill sets, all with an incredibly positive approach that creates great leaps in confidence in our students. I've noted that the 3rd year BFAs gained vast confidence, physically and personally, after experiencing the challenges and rigors of the stage combat class.”

-Rose Bonczek, Head of BFA Acting, Department of Theater, Brooklyn College


"I was impressed that Prof. Solfanelli is approaching this not as a stage combat class per se (although it is certainly useful to the students in that regard), but as an acting class. In many respects, the combat is not an end in itself, but a means to an end; the students are encouraged to harness the physicality of their bodies through combat, in the hopes of accessing the life, emotion, and psychology necessary to inhabit characters believably."

-Amy Hughes, Assistant Professor, Department of Theater, Brooklyn College


Student Testimonials:


"As a former student & volunteer assistant to Eugene's stage combat class at Brooklyn College, he's been instrumental to my development & love for stage combat work. Showing patience, passion, and great knowledge in this field, he's helped me develop these great technical skills to take with me in the professional world. I graduated over two years ago, and yet I still come back to assist and learn under his tutelage."

-Schylar Westbrook, Brooklyn College Alumni BFA Acting


“I have had the pleasure of working with Eugene several times over the past few years. Most recently, I was his teaching assistant for his Stage Combat class at Brooklyn College. My decision to be his assistant was based not only on my interest in the subject but also on my trust in him as an instructor. When I originally took his Stage Combat class he proved his care and dedication by always doing everything he could to come early, stay late, and answer any and all questions a student may have. He made the art of stage combat fun and exciting for the students while always enforcing the importance of safety and trust in ourselves and our scene partners. I am truly grateful to have had the chance to study with Eugene and would recommend his help and guidance to anyone interested in the subject.”

-Heather Zoll, Brooklyn College Alumni BFA Acting


“Eugene Solfanelli teaches with a generosity and a wisdom that simultaneously makes me feel comfortable and heavily invested in his lessons.”

-Miles Butler, Brooklyn College Alumni BFA Acting


"Eugene Solfanelli is a very special stage combat instructor. My coordination skills aren't top-notch and it would sometimes take me a while to nail down the moves, but Eugene always found the time for each struggling student to break down the moves in a way that make sense to the individual. He never rushed the process, emphasized safety above all, and always found a way to bring our studies full circle as actors and storytellers. After studying with Eugene, I feel confident and comfortable in my ability to safely use stage combat in my storytelling."

-Vera Khodasevich, Brooklyn College Alumni BFA Acting


“Professor Eugene Solfanelli is truly wonderful and patient. When I was a BFA acting student at Brooklyn College for my Undergraduate training, Professor Solfanelli opened up the world of stage combat to me. I've always been fascinated by stage combat and under his guidance I became comfortable with new techniques and had my mind blown by his expertise and care teaching the class. I have used Professor Solfanelli's instruction to better my craft and add another positive notch on my resume.”

-Eric Vigdorov, Brooklyn College Alumni BFA Acting


“I have had the privilege of training with Eugene for over 2 years. I have taken several stage combat classes with Joseph Travers (Swordplay NYC) where Eugene is his assistant. I think Eugene is extremely qualified as a stage combatant and instructor. He has a great attitude and is always willing to take the time to help explain a technique to a student. He is very passionate about the art of stage combat and in our discussions has told me numerous ideas on how he would like to improve the evolution of stage combat through the SAFD. He is always fully committed to his scene partners when performing the Skills Proficiency Tests. Even though Eugene has been a highly Recommended Advanced Actor Combatant, he is always interested in what others have to say and can contribute to the craft.”

-Nick Gisonde, Professional Actor Combatant


"Working with Eugene has been a fantastic experience. His knowledge in his field of work is exceptional. He's a great teacher that is genuinely very dedicated to his students. He was able to make modifications and simplify the techniques that I needed to learn to catch up to the other students, when I fell behind in class to due missed sessions for work. He was able to work at my pace, doing so with great patience , and helped me to mainstream, getting me up to speed with the class. Eugene is easy going and very giving, with such a friendly, warm demeanor, and makes learning fun. "

-John Sitaras, Founder & CEO Sitaras Fitness


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