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Motivational Monday

Today's Motivational Monday Video is called "Get Back Up". There are evils that we must endure in life. Challenges that cast us down to the ground. There we look up at the sky and begin to wonder how we ended up here and how the weight that pins us down became so heavy. And the result is that we lay there and wait filled with sadness and remorse for what could have been, what should have been and now what is easy to stay is easy to lay down....and though we may draw breath....die....

...but you must'nt give must take the weight that bares you.....and rise up and bare it, look up at the heavens and with every ounce of strength and self being that you are, pull yourself to an erect position, stand and raise your head in defiance, and look into the abyss before you........and take a step.... starts witness to it.....

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