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Martial and Motivational Monday

Today's martial/motivational monday joint blog is based on two interesting facts. The first being that tonight I will be tested for Yudansha in Cooper Ryu Jujitsu. After four years of hard training, which included but was not limited to, being thrown, flipped, pressure attacked, invisible hipped, sacrificed, kicked and punched (not necessarily in that order), hollywooded, etc, I was given the nod to test for black belt. The second fact is that while preparing for my test tonight and working out with a focus on my back yesterday, I hurt my lower back while doing dead lifts late in the lifting rotation and prior to doing intense HIIT cardio. To a lesser extent and intensity, I compare myself to Bruce Lee who infamously hurt his back while not warming up properly and doing a set of good mornings. This grounded him for awhile but he never gave up. His focus, his intensity, his drive never wavered and with Buruce in mind..... I WILL TEST TONIGHT....Thank you Bruce.....

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