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Motivational Monday

Our motivational monday video is called Revival. I know that in my last post I wrote that I would be taking my black belt test in jujitsu on Monday April 13th. For reasons unbeknownst to me, it has been pushed back to May 18th. There are delays in life, with many things. Times where one would think that they are ready to cross the bridge and yet the powers that be say no. We are unsure why. When we get this no, one can often reflect upon oneself with a negative flavor and question. Maybe I am not ready? Has my ego drove me to a false truth? Have I missed the effort? Have I missed the knowledge? Have I missed the sacrifice? But the more I question I am led to a simple truth. Perhaps each no is a reminder. We have to die a little in order to be reborn again. But the only way that we can die is by being ready for it, preparing for it and embracing it. When one is ready to die is when one can truly live. The time will come...and when you are ready to give it shall punch for me...This is not over.

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