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Motivational Monday

This latest Motivational Monday video is called 'Awakening'. My main reason for choosing this video for today is because later this evening, on Monday April 13th 2015, I will be testing for my 1st dan in Coop Ryu Jujitsu. On many occasions throughout my life I would say the word 'But'. On many days I would say the word 'Can't'. On many days I would say the word 'No'. I'm here to say never doubt yourself, never stop, believe in who you are and what you are capable of. And even on those days when you hear But, Can't and No, never listen, even if it's you that is saying those words. Whatever stops you: fear, doubt, are stronger, and I am here on this day to say that I was all those things....I said all those things and more.....and after tonight....I will be Yudansha. Believe.

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